Mystia's Art Commissions

Commission Slots: 0/5 available (no emoji)

Hello there, thanks for visiting my commission information site!
Here you can see all pricing info and view my commission slot status.

Please make sure to read over the ToS before submitting an order request.

You may view my public commission queue to keep track of the status of my commissions here:

Terms of Service

Please read through this page carefully before requesting a commission or asking any questions!
By proceeding to commission me you are agreeing to the terms of service.
I have the right to refuse any commission requests at my own discretion.

-Please provide reference images of the requested character(s).
-I will normally decide on character pose and expression, but if you have a specific one in mind, please provide a reference!
-Orders may take up to 1 month to complete upon being accepted.
-WIPs (Work in Progress) can be provided upon request. You may also view commission status on my public queue board (see Commission Status page).
-I will often stream my work on commissions on my twitch channel. If you'd like your commission to be kept private, please let me know beforehand.
-Excessive changes may incur an extra charge. Character poses are not allowed to be changed after the line art stage has been completed. Minor changes may be able to be worked out.
-If you commission me, please credit back to me @mystia_celeste when using or reposting anywhere. Do not heavily edit or resell my artwork, or claim/credit my work as your own.
-Personal use only. (Excluding emoji + twitch graphics)
-I retain the right to post completed commissions on social media/my galleries unless client asks for the commission to remain private.

Payment Information

-Payment is only accepted through paypal USD. A Paypal invoice will be sent to the provided paypal address.
-Payment is expected after the sketch has been approved by the client. I will not continue working on the commission until payment has been received.
-Cancellation is not allowed after line art/coloring process begins.
-Refunds will not be issued unless the commission must be cancelled by myself for any reason, in which case a full refund will be given.
-Current prices are subject to change. Any commissions already accepted at time of price change will retain the former price.

Will not/Cannot currently do:
-Full furry Characters
-Elderly Characters
-Muscular characters
-Complicated armor
-Complex weaponry
-Complicated backgrounds

If you would like to request a commission, please fill out the following and send to me at any of my contacts:

Type of Drawing: (Bust/Icon, Emoji, Chibi, etc)
Character Reference(s):
Character personality:
Paypal Email address:

Bust / Icons


  • Typically starts from chest or shoulder up.

  • Simple background.


  • Typically starts from the waist up.

  • Simple background.

  • Extra characters are +50% of the base price for each additional character.

Full Body


  • Full body character.

  • Simple background.

  • Extra characters are +50% of the base price for each additional character. (Maximum of 2)

Chibi Styles


  • Refers to different styles of Chibis, including a "gremlin" style. I don't have a solid style set in place yet. Please refer to which example you would like yours to look like.

  • Full body chibi character.

  • Simple background.

  • Additional characters +50% of base price for each additional character. (Maximum of 4)

Twitch/Discord Emojis

$15 Ea
$40 for 3
$60 for 5

Twitch Panels

Simple Panel with Chibi character art.

$30 Ea
$80 for 3
$130 for 5


Twitter: @mystia_celeste
Email: [email protected]